Accelerating philanthropy in Asia for greater impact

We are a safe and reliable channel for donors to give regionally.

About us

Asia Community Foundation is a Singapore-based community foundation created to be a trusted partner for purposeful philanthropy in Asia.

Helping donors create meaningful
impact in Asia

Effective, efficient and safe regional giving through a trusted platform.

Journey with a trusted partner

We provide expert guidance tailored to help donors achieve their philanthropic goals.

Leverage our expertise, experience and network

As the region’s only Asia-focused community foundation, we are a regional nexus of knowledge and experience.

Support impactful organisations 

We source and vet impactful nonprofit partners that are aligned with your values.

What we do

We guide donors on their philanthropic journeys.

Philanthropy advisory
Philanthropy advisory
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We offer professional guidance for your philanthropic needs.

Donor-advised and pooled funds
Donor-advised and pooled funds
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We offer efficient giving vehicles to support donors to give more and give better.

Community of purpose
Community of purpose
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Join a community of donors to learn and work together on how to do more.

Whom we serve

We meet the diverse needs of individual and institutional donors with customised expert support.

Individuals and families

We help donors chart their philanthropic path based on their individual or family’s unique giving history, experience and goals.

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Single family offices and foundations

We help build out the philanthropic strategy and operations of family offices and foundations.

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Institutions and advisors

We provide a diverse range of offerings to support institutions, advisors and their clients to achieve their philanthropic objectives.

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Start your journey

Start your journey with us

Be the catalyst for change and inspire others to create a better world together.